The need for our body sulfur is 800mg per day!


The sulfur element in the periodic table of elements

Sulfur (sulvere Sanskrit / sulphurium in Latin), known since ancient times, was used by the Romans as a dermatological drug. Mentioned in the Bible and in Homer's Odyssey, it is referred to as "vermin away" at the IXth century BC. 



  • Symbol'' S''.
  • # 16 between the phosphorus and chlorine periodic classification of elements.
  • Atomic mass = 32.06.

Sulphur is abundant in nature. It is present in the native state or in the form of sulfides or sulfates. It is the wealth of many scented hot water characteristics. Sulfur is very beneficial applications in the therapeutic field.


A woman in a thermal bath

Biological roles and requirements for the organization


Sulfur is an essential trace element found in all cells.

Daily needs are greater than 100 mg (cell renewal requires a daily intake of 850 mg SULPHUR).
daily intake of sulfur amino acids is estimated at 13-14 mg per kg body weight.
If the intake of sulfur from mainly sulfur amino acid, however it is necessary to have a contribution in unoxidized organic form (garlic, seasoning, egg).

It intervenes in the structure of proteins, cell respiration. The sulfur is thus essential to the composition of the protein structure, more specifically (and scientifically), it is one of the elements of the tertiary structure of proteins. Sulfur in the composition of essential amino acids (methionine, cystine), certain vitamins (thiamin or B1, B6 and biotin) and co-enzyme A, which is involved in many metabolic pathways. Sulfur is an essential trace element necessary for the formation of bones, tendons, joints and teeth.

It is a trace element particularly useful in Depolluting liver functions. Sulphur occurs in various core functions (as agent) such as stimulation of cellular respiration, neutralization and elimination of toxins, and it is anti-allergic. Moreover, sulfur is often used for certain therapeutic applications and in some thermal waters which sulfur compounds play a role in preventing some cancers.




Cells of the human body

It is also particularly useful in depolluting liver functions.


Sulfur is often used for certain therapeutic applications and in the composition of the thermal waters (sulfur compounds play a role in preventing some cancers).

Daily needs are greater than 100 mg (cell renewal requires a daily intake of 850 mg SULPHUR).
daily intake of sulfur amino acids is estimated at 13-14 mg per kg body weight.
If the intake of sulfur from mainly sulfur amino acid, however it is necessary to have a contribution in unoxidized organic form (garlic, seasoning, egg).



The Human Body

Why our organization he needs an additional sulfur?

Sulfur deficiencies can occur in our body. The main causes are:

  1. Unhealthy diet, inadequate intake.
  2. Assimilation disturbed.
  3. Sulphur demand more important during aging.

Sulfur plays an essential role in the drainage of excretory organs. Émonctoires are the main routes of disposal available to our organization; the top five are:

  • Liver:  emunctory undoubtedly the most important, as it not only filters out waste as do other excretory. If he is healthy enough and works, but it is also able to neutralize many toxic and carcinogenic substances. Waste filtered by the liver are excreted in the bile. A good production and a smooth flow of bile therefore represent not only good digestion, and also a good detoxification.
  • Intestines:   length (7 meters) and diameter (3-8 cm), also play a fundamental role. Indeed, the mass of substances that can stagnate, rot or ferment is huge and contributes largely to self-poisoning. Intestinal drainage can only have beneficial effects for the majority of people who suffer from constipation.
  • The kidneys  remove waste products filtered out of the blood by diluting the urine. Any decrease in the amount of urine or its concentration in waste causes an accumulation of toxins in the body, generating accumulation of health problems.
  • The skin  is a double exit door since reject waste cristaloïdaux dissolved in sweat by the sweat glands and colloidal waste dissolved in sebum by the sebaceous glands.
  • The lungs  are primarily a way of removing waste gases, but because of overeating and pollution they emit very often solid waste (phlegm).


Deficiencies, clinical signs:


  • Slowing the growth of hair and nails
  • Increased susceptibility to infections: lower antioxidant defenses, communication between cells and membrane transport
  • For vegetarians: diet low in methionine (playing a leading role in the biosynthesis of proteins).
  • Immunocompromised subjects




Excess sulfur has no effect on the health of human beings. 


Young healthy man

Haarlem Oil provides a highly bioavailable sulfur


The GHO, in the first case, brings, of sulfur amino acids in side, an organic sulfur unoxidized. We can speak of an "open Sulphur."

In case 2 or 3 interest of the GHO whose highly bioavailable sulfur will immediately assimilated by the body.

A bioavailability study conducted by Professor Jacquot showed an hour after absorption, Sulphur Oil Haarlem lies in the intervertebral discs is conjugated with sulphate.


Cycle GHO

The real GHO


THOMAS license (The formula and the method of preparation have not changed since then).
Former drug, Haarlem Oil is presented today as a dietary product.
Nutritional supplement guaranteed content of bioavailable sulfur will help perfect balance.

Our Genuine Haarlem Oil, known for nearly 400 years is universally known. It is one of the most effective means in the fight against many problems and especially against those that affect the liver, biliary tract, kidney and urinary tract, gut, respiratory system and skin.

The components of a 200 mg capsule are concentrated as follows:

  • Sulfur 16%
  • Turpentine pine 80%
  • Linseed oil 4%
  • Shell : gelatin, glycerin
  • Box 32 capsules
  • weight t 6.4 g
  • Nutritional Analysis : 1 capsule = 0.072 cal = 0.300 J

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Haarlem oil a natural treasure discovered there over 400 years


Claas Tilly

The Dutch Alchemy

The appearance of oil Haarlem dates from the late seventeenth century and their history is linked to that of the Dutch alchemy.

Claes Tilly developed his Medicarnentum Gratia probatum during the year 1696. Although he was honored in the composition of this remedy originally known to treat diseases of the kidney and bladder, it owes its success to Professor Hermann Boerhaave, professor at the University of Leiden médecinede which has been able to develop the process for its manufacture.

The preparation of the True GHO then place in a factory with sophisticated and expensive equipment.

As the ingredients are subjected to complex process over several days, Tilly family was able to preserve the secret of its production for 200 years. Claes Tilly died in the course of the year 1734 and this is her son, G. Koning Koning Tilly and Tilly took the estate.

Unfortunately, the business went decreasing after the death of Claes Tilly. This was probably due to the competition and many fakes that hindered the quality of the product and nuirent much reputation. During this time who introduced the GHO across Europe and in many other countries around the world, many families in Haarlem started making this elixir which had in common with the original than the name, but in any case the manufacturing process ..


An oil box Haarlem

French laboratories


Laboratory THOMAS is a leading French pharmaceutical laboratories. Its leader, Mr. Thomas began to make real GHO in 1924.

There remained of course to show new properties acquired by the sulfur in this combination so that we can confirm today have with oil Haarlem a dietary source of bioavailable sulfur unoxidized.

French Laboratories engaged bioavailability studies sulfur entrusted in 1983 to Professor Jacquot of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Chatenay-Malabry. This study demonstrated the exceptional bioavailability of sulfur in oil Haarlem. Another study also demonstrates the action SOD (super oxydismutase).


It remained to discover the secret of this particular molecular structure.

This was undertaken in the 90s under the direction of Charles STIRNWEISS pharmacist with Mr. KIRSCH professor at the Faculty of METZ and laboratories ELF Atochem research.

Advanced science have helped expand our knowledge on the role of suffering but it is important to remember that oil Haarlem true remained the same: it is a precious heritage.

You can read an article from 1959 in which the GHO won first pharmaceutical prices .


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