Stimulating Pituitary-Adrenal Torque by Oral Administration of a Terpene Sulfur

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A New Research Bibliography by J. Lefevre and R. Du Boistesselin (The Boistesselin, Page 1158, G. M. De France - 1-V-1960)

Therapeutic Corporation and Pharmacodynamics Communication of 17-6-59
(Therapy, 1959, XIV, 1044-1052)

In a previous study (Therapy, 1958, 27/537 XIII), the authors have demonstrated histological on guinea pigs and bio-clinically on hospital patients, the significant functional stimulation that sulfured terpene exerts on the adrenal cortex, stimulating characterized:

  1. In guinea pigs; by an obvious hyperplasia fasciculata, a very significant increase in lipid load.
  2. In humans; a constant increase and often very important for the elimination of urinary corticosteroids.

In this new study, which aimed to clarify the mode of action, the authors conducted:

  1. Comparative histology of the adrenal, pituitary and other endocrine glands taken from guinea pigs treated and controls guinea pigs.
  2. Tests by Sayers and Simpson performed on Wistar rats.

Here are their conclusions:

  1. Sulfured terpene is not a primary cortical action, but by stimulating the secretion of corticotrophin antehypophyseal (A.C.T.H.).
  2. Sulfured terpene seems to take any action on the thyroid, gonads, pancreas, adrenal medulla, and tolerance appears excellent.

G. M. De France - 1-V-1960

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