About Haarlem Oil

About Haarlem Oil

Haarlem oil is a traditional preparation that has its origins in an old Dutch alchemical recipe from the 17th century. It consists of three natural ingredients: sulfur, turpentine essential oil and linseed oil. This unique combination allows sulfur, which is normally insoluble in water, to become bioavailable through a specific chemical reaction. The value of Haarlem oil lies in this exceptional bioavailability of organic sulfur, enriched by the active aromatic components of turpentine.

Haarlem oil is used for a variety of ailments and can be used both externally and internally. It has enjoyed popularity as a universal remedy for centuries. Sulfur, a vital element for our body, comes primarily from sulfur-containing amino acids. In its non-oxidized organic form, it is found in various foods such as garlic, spices and eggs and is comparable to the sulfur of thermal water, known for its beneficial effects on joints and respiratory tract. This mineral macroelement plays an essential role in the health of our tendons and joints as well as cellular respiration and acts as a regulator and antioxidant for many organic functions.

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