Benefits of Haarlem Oil

Haarlem oil provides a highly bioavailable sulfur !
Benefits of Haarlem Oil for Everyone

Haarlem oil has demonstrated its effectiveness in preventing respiratory illness, passive and active smoking, unhealthy diets and rheumatoid arthritis. It is an energy supplement that promotes recovery after exercise, avoids aches and reduces mental fatigue. Revitalizes your nails and helps you to keep a shiny and healthy hair. It is also good for your animal friends.

The genesis of Haarlem Oil dates from the XVII century in Haarlem, Holland - which was at that time the centre of Eastern European Alchemy. Haarlem Oil is composed of three simple elements inside a 200mg capsule:

  • Sulfur 16%

  • Pine turpentine 80%

  • Linseed oil 4%

This combination creates a particular bioavailability of its basic components which express the "quintessence" of their respective virtues.

Haarlem Oil has been used in France for more than 80 years under medical control.


An anti-infectious action

Turpentine essence and sulfur are anti infectious and particularly active in the respiratory, urinary and biliary tracts.

For more information, visit our page dedicated to urinary tract infections.


Action against rheumatism

The association of the anti-infectious effect with the supply of sulfur as a trace element (cartilages and articulations are particularly rich in trace elements) and the increase of natural corticoids reduce the infection and allow tissues regeneration.

For more information, visit our page dedicated to Rheumatism and Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Action against bronchitis, chronic bronchitis and flu

This may also include: smoking, passive smoking, atmospheric pollution, exhaust fumes. Haarlem Oil is also useful to all those who want to protect their respiratory system from environmental aggression or to find a treatment for bronchitis.

For more information, visit our page dedicated to Bronchitis.


Drainage action

The three components of Haarlem Oil creates a general elimination of toxins in the lungs and intestines. One can also observe an increase of bronchitis and urinary secretion. It also does a filtering action as well.

Action on assimilation problems and disrupted diets

Haarlem Oil participates in a better assimilation of nutrients and improves the alimentary balance.


Well-being Action

Skin, hair, nails contains an important part of non-oxidized organic sulfur (1.8 %). Haarlem Oil is advised to all those who want to provide shinier hair and skin (resulting in a significant increase of SOD action, superoxide dismutase).


Action against fatigue

For the athletes and the intellectuals, Haarlem Oil helps you to quickly regain your energy level. It has a very important role of detoxification after an effort. With Haarlem Oil you will be off again and you will be able to react rapidly to the physical and intellectual efficiency.

  • Take 1 capsule a day to balance your diet, to resist pollution and stress aggression and to help you maintain a good energy balance.
  • As a treatment, take 2 capsules three times a day before each meal, during 15 days. For babies and children, half the dosage. If you have any concerns about taking this nutritional complement, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Haarlem Oil is not only for those who suffer from unhealthy states

Young people, Athletes and Intellectuals

Sulfur is an important detoxification for the liver and kidneys. It plays an energetic and anti-fatigue role as it preserves the energetic potential that is reactivated during a physical and intellectual effort. It also prevents muscle aches after strenuous physical efforts.

The Elderly

The demand of Sulfur is more important with its free anti-radical actions, as the first signs of aging are numbness of the joints (often at night or when arising in the morning).

Principal indications and average dosage

For more information, visit our page dedicated to the Principal indications and the average dosage.

NB: this article is a reproduction from the brochure of 1955, which had obtained the publicity rights under the N° 413, p-20.903

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