Publication R. dU bOISTESSELIN of 1959

[New research on the stimulation of the pituitary-adrenal axis by the oral administration of a sulfurated terpene.]


  • Therapy 1959, 14:1044-52

In a previous study (Thérapie. 1958, 13 (3) :527-37), the authors demonstrated histologically on guinea pigs and bioclinical on inpatients, the significant functional stimulation that sulfo-terpene carries on cortico-adrenal stimulation characterized:

  • In guinea pigs, for obvious hyperplasia of the fasciculata, a very substantial increase of the lipid load.

  • In humans, for a steady and often very important for the elimination of cortico-steroids in urine.

In this new study, which aimed to clarify the mode of action, the authors carried out:

  • Histological comparison of adrenal, pituitary and other endocrine glands taken from guinea pigs treated and control guinea pigs.

  • Tests Sayers and Simpson performed on Wistar rats.

Here are their conclusions:

  • The sulfur-containing terpene (+) acting, not by acting cortico-primary, but by stimulating the secretion of cortico-Trophine pituitary (ACTH).

  • The sulfur-containing terpene seems exert any action on the thyroid, gonads, pancreas, adrenal medulla, and tolerance seems excellent.

  • (+) Therbinthiol.

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